The Torch Saver is an exciting new product. It serves a wide range of customers. From do it yourselfers to plumbers and electricians. Anyone who has a propane torch needs a Torch Saver.

Anytime a customer comes into purchase torch units or accessories, they need to see the Torch Saver. The auto-ignition torches present a special opportunity for Torch Saver. When an auto-torch is assembled to the bottle, it is now very top heavy. These units are extremely susceptible to tip over. When they tip over, they are most often damaged. The replacement parts must be ordered and installed. The Torch Saver is the fastest, most economical way to protect a torch.

Most of the torch units are sold in a box with only a propane bottle and a torch head. What does the customer do with these units once they use them. They get stood up on the corner of the bench, stuck inside a storage cabinets or laid down on top of the bench. All of these situations pose potential safety issues. If the torch falls over and is accidentally turned on, propane is released and could lead to a fire. The torch head could be damaged. At the least, the unit could leak out the propane and then the customer must buy another bottle without getting the full benefit of the installed bottle. The Torch Saver is the perfect accessory to any torch purchase.

The Torch Saver makes a great torch display.

The customer can easily see how to use the Torch Saver.

Torch Savers are easy to merchandise. They do not require any hooks. Just display them right beside the propane bottles.

Here are some additional examples of Torch Savers at various retailers.

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The Torch Saver has a suggested retail price of only $4.99. At this price, they are easy to sell. They improve the safety of any propane torch. The Torch Saver also helps customers organize their workspace.

The Torch Saver also makes a great gift idea for everyone from professionals to do-it-yourselfers.

This website also provides customers with examples of where to put their Torch Saver. In addition to the instructions on the back of the Torch Saver, this website provides detailed installation instructions.

Retailers can profit from this website as well. It provides a great opportunity for your advertising. When a customer searches for a Retailer in their state, you can have a banner display for your state.

If your company has a website, it is displayed on the search results page by your company name. This service provides another opportunity to bring customers to your store.

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