Introducing the new Torch Saver

The Torch Saver is a fascinating new product.  It was invented one day after trying to find a good place to store a propane torch.  For years, my torch sat in different places. Sometimes it sat on the workbench.  Sometimes it sat with the chemicals.

One day I decided I had enough.  Time to solve the propane torch storage problem. It didn't take long.  I made my first prototype and everybody loved it.  Seemed that everyone with a propane torch needs a good place to put it.

Propane torches are expensive.  When you invest your money in one, you want to make it last.  You need to protect it from damage.  You also need to keep it in a convenient place where it is readily accessible.

Propane torches have always had two problems:

  1. They are never where you can find them.
  2. The most important problem, propane torches fall over very easy producing a high risk for torch damage and potential propane gas leakage.
When propane leaks out, it goes to the floor.  If there is not enough air movement to carry away the gas fumes, the gas can collect until it exceeds the lower explosive limit.  This point is referred to as the LEL.

When the concentration exceeds the LEL, the only thing that is missing is a spark.  There are plenty of examples to point to where we can see what happens when propane is ignited.

If propane torches are properly cared for, the risk of damage and/or possible fire are extremely remote.  The Torch Saver is the premier propane torch accessory that helps you properly care for your torch.  Below you'll find more interesting facts!

Safety. Auto-ignition torches are designed to break vs. bend for safety.  This way you are prevented from using a damaged torch.  To do so would endanger your safety.  The number one cause of propane torch failure is damage.

Storage. Where do you put your torch when not in use?  You need a safe place to store your torch and protect it from damage.

Profit. You can't profit from a broken torch.  When you need heat, you don't need a torch that won't work due to damage.

This is where the Torch Saver comes in.....

The Torch Saver is an economical way to safely protect you and your torch.

The Torch Saver safely protects your torch from damage. You will always have a place to put your torch.  You will not have to worry about it falling over and breaking.  You won't have to throw it in the toolbox, in the bed of your truck, or any other place they seem to land.

Convenience.  No longer worry about where your torch is, it's in your Torch Saver.  Your Torch Saver installs anywhere in minutes. Your torch is safely stored in a convenient place where it is always ready for you.

Install a Torch Saver anywhere you use or store store your propane torch

Who can profit from a Torch Saver?

Install your Torch Saver today!

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